Jumbo Lobby Cards For Sale:

Non-Mexican Mainstream Films

(These are original Mexican lobby cards / movie posters for sale ... but from Non-Mexican films!)

We have divided our 'Non-Mexican - Mainstream Film lobby cards into three sections.

On PAGE #1, you will find lobby cards from famous films (such as; Gone with the Wind, Rebel Without a Cause, Wizard of Oz, Some Like it Hot, etc.) and popular actors and actresses (such as; Clark Gable, Marilyn Monroe, James Cagney, Katherine Hepburn, Steve McQueen and many others).

On PAGE #2, you will find lobby cards from the following genres; Characters (Tarzan, James Bond, G-Men, Zorro, etc.), Martial Arts (Kung Fu, Samarai), Sports (Boxing, Auto Racing, Baseball, Soccer / Futbol), Exploitation (Bad Girl, Blaxploitation, Bikers, Drugs, etc.) and Rock 'n Roll / Music (including Elvis).

On PAGE #3, you will find lobby cards from the following genres; Westerns (John Wayne, Hoppy, Lone Ranger, etc.), Family Films (Disney, animation, etc.), Comedy (Laurel & Hardy, Jerry Lewis, Charlie Chaplin, 3 Stooges, etc.) and Mystery (Film Noir, Hitchcock, Sherlock Holmes, Detective, etc.)

Mainstream #1:

Popular Actors and Actresses

Mainstream #2:

Characters, Martial Arts, Sports, Exploitation, Rock 'n Roll

Mainstream #3:

Westerns, Disney/family, Comedy, Film Noir Mystery/Hitchcock

We sell only vintage original movie posters -- never copies or reproductions.

Non-Mexican Lobby Cards:

Horror / Sci-Fi Films

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