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I am an avid collector of official Shaw Brothers / Celestial films released on DVD and VCD in the early to mid 2000s. I will buy (or trade for) any of the DVDs/VCDs listed below. If there are any sale items on this website that you have interest in, and you have any items listed on this page, please contact me. Below are my Shaw Brothers wants (I am looking for original, factory issued DVDs only ... NOT bootlegs or copies):


IVL wants (This list is for IVL - DVDs only):

Ambitious Kung Fu Girl

Angel Strikes Again (Singapore DVD issued by ScorpioEast) **

Black Butterfly (Singapore DVD issued by ScorpioEast) **

Call Girls (with Slip Case only) *

Cherie (with Slip Case only)

Crazy Sex (with Slip Case only) *

Criminals, the (with Slip Case only)

Dead End (with Slip Case only)

Double Bliss (Singapore DVD issued by ScorpioEast) *

Drug Addicts (with Slip Case only)

Enchanting Ghost ** (I actually don't think this was released as a DVD by IVL, but I'm including it here, just in case!)

Facets of Love *

Forbidden Tales of Two Cities (with Slip Case only) *

Ghost Story *

Lady of Steel

Love Swindler (with Slip Case only)

Mirror and the Lichee

Mist Over Dream Lake (with Slip Case only)

Moods of Love *

My Dream Boat (with Slip Case only)

Perfumed Arrow

Rivals of Kung Fu

Story of Sue San


Taxi Driver (with Slip Case only)


IVL - DVDs I have, but I need cardboard slip case. (I will buy either a complete example, or the slipcase alone):

Beyond the Great Wall

Diary of a Lady Killer

Dream of the Red Chamber (1961)


IVL Wants (This list is for IVL VCDs only):

Adultery, Chinese Style

Angel Strikes Again (Plus, I need the Singapore DVD)

Criminals 2, the

Lost Souls (2005 release only, blue cover) *

Sexy Playgirls

Sinful Adultress

Starlets for Sale

Take Care Your Majesty


Original IVL Shaw Brothers DVD Empty Boxes (I will buy or trade for any of the following empty boxes, but they must have their original slipcases, plus preferably the catalog/insert):

Crazy Shaolin Disciples

Criminals, the

Crimson Charm

Dragon Swamp

Drug Addicts

Golden Buddha

Heroes of Sung

Invincible Fist

Judgement of an Assassin

Lady Assassin

Lady Is the Boss

Lady Professional

Legend of the Bat

My Rebellious Son

Oily Maniac

Sexy Girls of Denmark

Sexy Killer

Spirit of the Sword

Taxi Driver

That Fiery Girl

Thundering Sword

Web of Death


Deltamac DVDs (These are Taiwan / Deltamac releases only. I realize that some of these titles were probably never released.)

Cave of Silken Web

Female Prince

Five Venoms

Happiest Moment

Hong Kong Rhapsody

Land of Many Perfumes

Legends of Lust

Love Eterne

Merry Wife

Mirror and the Lichee

Mist Over Dream Lake

Monkey Goes West

My Dream Boat

Passing Flickers

Sentimental Swordsman

Sex for Sale

Story of Sue San

Super Inframan

Venus Tear Diamond

When the Clouds Roll By

Women of Desire


Zoke Culture DVDs (with Slip Case only):

Amorous Lotus Pan, The (1964)

Assassin, The (1967)

Auntie Lan (1967)

Black Falcon, The (1967)

Cat vs Rat (1982)

Chinatown Kid (1977)

Chinese Boxer, The (1970)

Deadly Duo, The (1971)

Five Shaolin Masters (1974)

Forbidden Past, The (1979)

Invincible Shaolin (1978)

Love On Delivery (1994)

Lover's Destiny (1975)

Moonlight Serenade (1967)

Mr. Funny Bone (1976)

My Young Auntie (1981)

Rescue, The (1971)

Roving Swordsman (1983)

Sorrow of the Gentry (1974)

Sword of Swords, The (1968)

Sword Stained with Royal Blood, The (1981)

Winner Takes All (1982)

Young Rebel, The (1975)


Funimation DVDs -- U.S. Releases (These are with Slip Case only):

Sword of Swords (Need Slipcase)

Lady Hermit (Need Slipcase)

Soul of the Sword (Need Slipcase)

Shaolin Rescuers (Need Slipcase)

Bastard Swordsman (Need Slipcase)

Supreme Swordsman (Need Slipcase)

Return of Bastard Swordsman (Need Slipcase)

Triple Threat 1 (14 Amazons, Shaolin Hand Lock, Opium and the Kung-Fu Master)


Other Misc Wants:

Deadly Angels (Bonzai bootleg)

Celestial Shaw Brothers Classic Trailers Collection (3-Disc set)


There are also many Shaw Brothers DVDs from Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Mainland China (IVL-Kam releases) and other countries that I would also buy!


Malay VCDs or DVDs (Music City / MVM releases):

Ahmad Albab


Anak-ku Sazali

Anjoran Nasib

Antara Dua Darjat

Antara Senyum Dan Tangis



Dajal Suchi

Di Belakang Tabir

Dr Rushdi

Hujan Panas

Jurang Bahaya


Kanchan Tirana

Lubalang Daik

Mata Shaitan (This isn't a Shaw Brothers film, but I still want it)



Panggilan Pulau

Patah Hati

Putus Harapan

Rachun Dunia




Sergeant Hassan

Siapa Salah

Tiga Abdul


Once again, I will buy or trade for any of the items listed above. If there are any items for sale on this website that you're interested in (including posters, lobby cards, comics, or other memorabilia), and you have anything on my want lists, please contact me!!!!!!!

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